About Us


ExeBowl was created by the coaches of the Rygas Roughnecks Blood Bowl League.


The league is in its 9th Season, has 18 players and is always trying to introduce new players to the game of Blood Bowl.


If you are interested in playing Blood Bowl and you are in the Exeter area then please do come and join us.


The league usually runs from January to June. We currently have two divisions and play each coach once during the season with the Top 4 in each division going into the Playoffs. There are two weeks for each Match Week and matches are generally organised around our normal Wednesday club nights.


If you are looking for a casual game on a club night then there's usually someone available to play a game if arranged in advance.


For more information visit the Rygas Rounghnecks website, sign up to the forum and ask for a game via the Organise a Game section.